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Save Greers Ferry Lake

Greers Ferry Lake Needs Your Help!

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Seismic testing by gas companies in Greers Ferry Lake (approved by the Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Land Management) has been taking place for many weeks now and is almost completed. All indications point toward a “next step” of drilling under and in Greers Ferry Lake. The risk of compromising the quality of the water supply for our entire region, polluting and destabilizing our environment, and destroying the attractiveness of this beautiful area as a resort destination is enormous. Concerned citizens should stand and be heard.

Save Greers Ferry Lake, Inc. has retained the services of attorney Sam Ledbetter of  the McMath Law Firm to represent us in this fight. He will do all that is legally possible to challenge the gas companies, the BLM, and the Corps of Engineers in their attempts to drill under and in our lake – seeking environmental impact studies, challenging procedures, and filing lawsuits if necessary.

These efforts are essential at this moment – and they cost money! We need your  help and your donations. Please give generously. CONTRIBUTIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Devastating pollution is occurring all around us each day – a “Boil Order” in Clinton, gas leaking into water supplies in Quitman, etc. Please help us wage this fight to save the quality of our lake from an irreversible fate. Our window of time is short in which to take action. Thank You.

Please see aerial photos of Gas Wells and Pads surrounding Greers Ferry Lake

We cannot photograph all of them. There are certainly way too many.